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Kids Club

Kids Club

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It’s never too early to get children used to visiting the dentist and our Kids Club is here to help make the entire process of dental awareness fun and interesting for our young ones. If your children are under 7 years of age, then the Kids Club is for them. Our highly qualified and friendly staff host fun sessions of learning and practice to encourage interactive learning.

  • Membership Pack
  • Free Dental items
  • Flossy Sticker
  • Unique Flossy (the bunny) Colouring Sheets
  • A ‘Star Chart’ to help remind children to brush twice a day

We love to spread the word within our local community, meeting the children and having some fun! We’ve taken our Kids Club to some local community events, local schools and nursery schools. If you’d like to come along feel free to contact us and register your interest.

Follow these simple steps to ensure good dental health from the first milk tooth…

Brush teeth with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, two times a day. After brushing, just spit out the toothpaste, don’t rinse it away. The fluoride left around the teeth helps to prevent decay.

We all like a sweet treat, and it is better for your teeth if you eat or drink these things at meal times instead of snacking on them. This stops sugar attacking the teeth too much.

Visit your dentist regularly – even prior to milk teeth breakout, take your young children with you when you visit, get them used to the dentist as soon as possible.

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    Our dental staff will assess you and your family’s oral hygiene and dental needs. You’ll have every opportunity to ask questions and we welcome this, to ensure you are completely comfortable during your appointment. We’ll talk you through dietary and lifestyle factors that impact your dental health and advise on the best measures to start at home. We’ll arm you with all of the knowledge you need to maintain healthy, happy teeth and gums for you and your family.

    Will definitely come back to this specific dentist.

    “My 2yr old came for her first time today & had the young lady in consultation room 1, she was amazing! She was so good with my daughter who was strangely excited for the dentist. She explained everything to my girl & even helped her check her dolls teeth.”


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    Frequently asked questions

    Kids Club, Beeston Dental Practice & Implant Clinic

    1. How can I look after my family's teeth at home?

      Being a role model for your children is a great way to set an example of maintaining dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth every morning and night shows them the importance of these habits, so make sure you introduce your family to the importance and necessity of attentive dental hygiene.

    2. How can I make teeth brushing fun?

      After coming to one of our interactive Kids Clubs, you’ll receive a bounty of fun things to help your children maintain their dental hygiene. Use our star chart to reward good brushing habits to make sure they learn these valuable lessons for life. There are plenty of child-friendly toothbrushes and toothpastes available on the high-street shelves too, so you can keep brushing fun and colourful.

    3. When is your next Kids Club event?

      Contact us to register your interest, and we’ll get in touch with the next upcoming Kids Club dates and events. We hope to see you and your family at our next session!

    4. When should I introduce my children to the dentist?

      Generally, the earlier you introduce your children to the dentist the better. We can make note of any areas of concern, advise you on the best at-home care, and build a relationship with your child that will flourish for years to come. Teaching your children that the dentist is necessary as well as fun is essential, because this ensures they’ll continue to visit and maintain their dental health with our help.