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IV Dental Sedation

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Visiting the dentist can be stressful for some people, leading to them avoiding their appointments altogether and sacrificing their dental health. We want all of our patients to experience our expert dental care, which is why we provide IV dental sedation. This ensures comfortable treatment for those who experience dental anxiety or are worried about their dental treatments.

  • Sedation is performed and monitored by our own qualified Sedation Dentist
  • Treatment will relax you yet leave you fully co-operative
  • Our IV Dental Sedation treatment will often feel like it has only taken a short amount of time
  • Allows complex dentistry to be carried out comfortably
  • Sedation is much safer than General Anaesthetic

IV dental sedation is a tightly controlled process which allows the clinician to administer and balance your sedation at any point. You will be monitored at all times to ensure your safety, but you should feel completely at ease. With the IV dental sedation in Nottingham, often patients find they have little memory of the treatment being carried out, and that it feels like it has only taken a short period of time.

IV dental sedation is very different to general anaesthetic, which is no longer offered for routine dental treatment. Dental sedation doesn’t render you completely unconscious, so you are still able to interact and co-operate with your dentist. You’ll feel a little drowsy and relaxed, so time might be feel like it’s flown by!

To speak to a member of our friendly team about our IV dental sedation, or book a consultation, contact us at Beeston Dental Practice in Nottingham today! 0115 9254 169

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    Your journey

    From consultation to aftercare

    From the first time you meet us to the ongoing aftercare we provide, you will receive the highest quality of patient care. You’ll have every opportunity to ask questions and we welcome this, to ensure you are completely comfortable with the procedure. Dental sedation relaxes all manner of nervous patients, allowing us to carry out complex dentistry in a comfortable and secure environment. Our dental team provide exceptional treatments, quality of care, and aftercare support, so you can relax in our care.

    Beeston Dental Nottingham

    Thank you to all the team.

    “I would just like to record my sincere thanks to the sedation team. The effort they took to put me at ease, involving and informing me at every stage prior to the procedure was exemplary and deserves recognition. Special thanks also to Joanne and Amy at reception for looking after my wife whilst I was in treatment, providing drinks and informing her of progress.”


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    Frequently asked questions

    IV Dental Sedation, Beeston Dental Practice & Implant Clinic

    1. What is IV dental sedation?

      Intravenous sedation involves the injection of a sedative drug into the blood system. It helps to relax very nervous patients to allow dental treatment to be carried out. It doesn’t render you completely unconscious, allowing you to still interact and co-operate with us during treatment.

    2. How does it work?

      We administer the sedative via injection and it feels similar to a sleeping pill. It induces a drowsy and relaxed feeling, still allowing you to remain conscious while at the same time ensuring you are relaxing and calm.

    3. Is it safe?

      Yes, this is an entirely safe method used to carry out complex dentistry. It is a far safer alternative to general anaesthetic, which isn’t used during routine dental treatment any longer, and you will be monitored during your treatment to ensure your safety.

    4. Will I go to sleep?

      You will still be conscious, though you will feel drowsy and relaxed. This sedative does not put you to sleep, making it a very safe treatment option. Patients often find that their treatment seems to have taken far less time than in reality, and you may not even have any recollection of it.