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Same Day Teeth

It’s time to regain that lost smile confidence!

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Same Day Teeth are an genuinely effective, fast, and permanent solution to a mouth full of missing, broken, or damaged teeth. They’re implant retained bridges that look and feel like natural teeth. You’ll have the confidence to smile again, as well as functioning teeth that are comfortable. They should help you speak, eat, and deal with social situations with improved ease. These implant retained bridges are reliable, durable, easy to look after, and fitted in just one day.

  • Easy to clean and reliable, Same Day Teeth are a long-term, permanent solution to missing teeth.
  • Leave those loose, or ill fitting implant retained bridges behind you, and look forward to a worry-free smile.
  • You’ll achieve heightened smile confidence in just one day, they look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Minimise disruptions to your lifestyle with implant retained bridges that will improve your ability to speak and eat.
  • Prevent premature facial ageing with Implants that will maintain a healthy jawbone and slow tooth loss

Getting a new set of teeth can be a daunting experience, but not here at the Beeston Dental Practice. Our high quality of pre-procedural care means that by the time you’re due to have your full arch implants fitted, you’ll be fully informed and feeling excited about the prospect walking out of our surgery with a beautiful new smile. Your same day teeth fitting will also be a positive, friendly experience; placed by Dr Christopher Navarro BDS MFGDP, MSc (distinction) Implantology, an expert in his field.

Before and Afters

If you want more information on same day smile, or to book a consultation, then contact us to speak to a member of our friendly team at Beeston Dental Practice in Nottingham today! 0115 9254 169

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    Your journey

    From consultation to aftercare

    You’ll visit us for a consultation beforehand, where we’ll explain how the implants that will hold your implant retained bridges in place will be fitted. On the actual day, you’ll have a full set of natural-looking implant retained bridges fixed in place; giving you a new permanently improved smile to take home and keep. Aftercare guidance will be given to ensure you’re happy with the results, and that you’re fully informed on how to best look after your new teeth.

    Beeston Dental Nottingham

    One of the best things I have done.

    “I must say that I am very pleased with my implants. It took me a long time to make up my mind about having the procedure done. Chris took me all the way through the treatment. I had implant retained bridges for a good few years, but I was always having to clean my implant retained bridges. It has been one of the best things I have done.”


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    Frequently asked questions

    Same Day Smiling, Beeston Dental Practice & Implant Clinic

    1. What are same day teeth?

      Same Day Teeth are a full set of replacement teeth, consisting of bridges that are anchored into the mouth using dental implants. A full set can be fitted in one day; immediately improving your smile, and providing you with a set of implant retained bridges that look and feel like natural teeth.

    2. How are Same Day Teeth fitted?

      Full arch implants, (another name for Same Day Teeth) consist of bridges of natural looking crowns, which are anchored into the mouth using dental implants. Implants consist of a titanium root, which is placed in the jaw, with a crown on top. The root will fuse with your jawbone, to provide a firm anchor, with which to hold your teeth in place without movement.

    3. How do implant retained bridges prevent premature ageing?

      Jawbones require stimulation from the roots of teeth in order to remain healthy. When this process doesn’t happen,-, the jawbone may begin to atrophy leading to a weakened facial structure. The titanium roots of the implants, which are securing your implant retained bridges in place, perform the same function as natural teeth roots.

    4. Will my new teeth look natural?

      Your same day teeth will be carefully shaped to mimic the teeth you lost. They will have a natural colour. When you look into the mirror following the fitting of your implant retained bridges, you should be seriously impressed with your improved smile.

    5. Will I be able to use the my teeth straight away?

      We will advise you to have a soft diet at first, but essentially yes! You will be able to use them comfortably within 24 hours. An improvement in your smile confidence should be immediate.