CEREC Smile Design is the answer

Lets face it, very few of us have perfect teeth or a smile we're totally happy with! Most of us live with imperfections for years - perhaps afraid of the time, cost (and pain) involved in achieving that perfect smile.

Using state of the art technology and techniques we can transform your smile in just one visit. The examples shown here were completed in just one appointment.

Every smile is different and thus every smile design is too - We work with each patient’s desires and concerns so that we can develop a plan that is right for the individual.

Usually CEREC Smile Design will involve teeth whitening, CEREC veneers or crowns and sometimes involve straightening teeth.

How does it work?

1. Examination. Patient concerns and desires are discussed,  photographs and X-rays are taken.  A Discussion between patient and dentist takes place to determine the desired patient outcome.

2. With the desired outcome in mind a dental technician is instructed to construct a wax up or mock up of the desired smile design.

3. The wax up or mock up of the smile is then presented to the patient to be approved both by patient and dentist, and then the work can begin.

4. CEREC technology is utilised to scan the desired mock up into the CEREC machine so that the smile design is copied into the patients real crowns or veneers.



The following are average costs, as individual requirements will vary.

Wax Up £250
CEREC unit/tooth £375 per unit/tooth
Teeth Whitening £350
Teeth Straightening £1500

Is it right for you?

To discuss if Six Month Smiles is right for you please
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