Considering Dental Implants Abroad?

Considering dental implants? There are a number of different things to consider when having dental implants and one of the main decisions to make is which practice to choose. Should you choose a local dental practice or consider going abroad where the treatment might be cheaper?

Sometimes a more attractive price is enough to tempt some people to travel abroad, however there are potential risks associated with having implants place abroad especially with communication and aftercare.


You may incur communication difficulties abroad with the dental team which may not just be related to the language difference as there can often be cultural differences too. You may not receive or understand all the information required and may not receive the reassurance you would expect from a dentist and their dental team.

Trust and Confidence

Implant surgery is surgical procedure and the decision of who carries out your treatment should not be taken lightly. There can be a number of complications that can sometimes but rarely occur during the procedure, but having that trust and rapport with your dentist and there team can be a very important factor. If you are unfortunate that a complication with your treatment does occur, it’s important that you trust that your dentist will identify this to you and rectify if possible. The standard of care abroad and the relationship between you and your dental team may differ from your expectations.


If you choose to have your dental implant placed at a local surgery rather than travelling abroad, you will only be paying for the cost of the implant treatment. When having a dental implant placed abroad, you will have to consider additional costs such as accommodation, travel costs, insurance and transport.


Having a dental implant is not just a single appointment process as there is a lot of planning from the dental team that goes into placing an implant and involves a number of different dental appointments that you will need to attend to ensure your case is precisely planned and tailored to you. After your procedure, it’s very important not to forget about your implant. Regular dental check up’s and hygiene appointments are extremely important to help maintain the health of your implant and reduce the risks of experiencing any complications. It’s far more convenient to do this if you have used a local dental practice, especially if you need to be seen urgently.

Complications and Follow Up care

Occasionally complications can occur such as your bone not taking to your implant leaving the implant loose in the socket. This however can only be identified a few months after your initial surgery. When patients seek follow up care in the UK after having an implant placed abroad, it can sometimes be very difficult for your local dentist here to treat the implant if they don’t have the full documentation about the procedure carried out. There are currently approximately 50 different systems that can be used to place dental implants that required different instruments and materials, which your local dental practice may not stock.

Did you know?

We are aware that dental implants can be expensive; however here at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic we offer a cost effective 0% interest free finance package, so we can ensure you will be left instantly smiling with confidence and help to eliminate the complications of having dental implants place abroad.

Cost of a ‘Single Unit Dental Implant’: £2800

10% Deposit of: £280

11 Monthly Direct Debit Instalments from: £229