Teeth Whitening Undertaken by a Dentist Ensures a Brighter, More Confident Smile.

Whilst teeth whitening is readily available on the high street and over the internet in the form of kits, such products can contain acid and abrasive substances that can cause lasting damage to your teeth and burn your gums.  For this reason, the General Dental Council believes teeth whitening should only be carried out by registered, trained and qualified professionals.  


Teeth whitening and your lifestyle:

So, whilst today’s lifestyle can lead to teeth discolouration, thankfully there are many great ways you can safely correct this.  Whether you want a dazzling smile for your wedding day or to perfect your look for business meetings, teeth whitening is an affordable and safe option.  Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are suitable for professional bleaching, the most usual method used to whiten teeth from the staining of red wine, tea, coffee and smoking and will guide you through the process.  The process ofteeth whitening takes place gradually, in a controlled way, over a period of a few weeks. 


Consult your dentist to begin whitening your teeth safely:

After an initial consultation with your dentist, impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to the lab where moulded bleaching trays are made to fit into your mouth.  You then use these trays with a whitening gel.  You decide how white you want your teeth and when you’ve reached your desired result, you can smile with pride!  What is fantastic about this option is the magic all happens overnight whilst you lay fast asleep.


And Smile!

So, if you’re not a fan of having dental treatments in the dentist’s chair but really want a professional, pearly white smile, achieved safely, this is the perfect option for you.  You can have the same bright white smile you see on the TV, in the magazines and in the movies.  By consulting your dentist you can safely add a touch of lasting glamour to your life, improve your confidence and give yourself a beautiful smile your friends will all envy.


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