How my implant retained dentures changed my life.

Mr P.M.

I have been a patient at Beeston Dental Practice for many years now. I recently decided to have upper and lower implant-retained dentures, which has improved my quality of life significantly. I am really impressed by the excellent care that I have received.

Previous to my implant retained denture I wore a full upper and lower set of dentures that I really struggled with. I felt uncomfortable during social gatherings, constantly worrying about my dentures and whether they would stay in place. I also found it difficult to eat some of my favourite foods and was very limited in my food choice.

I have definitely benefited from my new dentures and am very happy that I opted for this treatment, as always Chris was very supportive and informative through this journey. I had plenty of time to think about the treatment. I was made to feel comfortable during all my appointments, the team is incredibly nice and it puts me at ease being in such a relaxed environment.

After receiving my new set of dentures, I have experienced greater confidence and satisfaction. The new dentures have made an unbelievable change to my life and I am very happy with the results. I can now order a steak for dinner without having to struggle or worry about chewing it. I would like to thank Chris and his team for providing me with a new more confident smile.