Mr N. C.

My Dental Implants

I had a crown for many years on an upper left premolar. It began to be troublesome causing pain and discomfort and although the crown was replaced it did not resolve the problem. The only option was to have an extraction. Many years before I had lost the equivalent upper right premolar and so now I had a gap showing on either side. I had to decide on a partial denture or implants.
I did not like the idea of a denture with the associated eating problems yet I was apprehensive about the process of implants, particularly at my age, mid seventies. Chris Navarro at the Beeston Dental Practice was very reassuring and explained in great detail all the stages of the implant procedure. I had literature to take away and Chris gave me time to fully make a decision. 

The first criteria was to assess the quality and amount of the jaw bone. I had a Jaw Scan type X-ray and this confirmed my suitability. Several weeks later I had the dental implant placement for both teeth. I was fully prepared for the operation and Chris and his team were excellent. I was relaxed, the procedure was pain free and this stage was completed in less than two hours. As a precaution I was prescribed antibiotics, advised to take pain killers for a couple of days and to follow a soft diet until the stitches were removed two weeks later. I had no problems whatsoever but it was comforting to know I could contact Chris at any time by mobile if I had any concerns.

Three months later the abutments were checked and Chris took great care in matching the colour of my other teeth. On my final visit the new teeth were attached and they were perfect. It is impossible to identify the implants from my other teeth! Although the process was over three or four months and involved several appointments it was without doubt the best decision I have made and I would thoroughly recommend implants for suitable candidates. 




5 star review of Beeston Dental Practice.

I have been a patient at the Beeston Dental Practice for several years. I have always found the reception staff to be friendly, polite and efficient. The dentists, hygienists and nurses make a very professional team. All procedures are carefully explained and the treatment is always first class. 

I recently had to make a choice between a partial denture and implants. Time was given to discuss the options and I chose to take the implant route. I was apprehensive because of age, mid seventies, but was reassured it was not a problem. A necessary scan for bone depth proved I was a suitable patient so I agreed to proceed. Each stage of the process was free of pain and I was surprisingly relaxed during the initial surgery thanks to the reassurance of the team and the choice of music! Further stages went exactly as planned.........a great result from a brilliant dentist. Without doubt I would highly recommend this treatment for suitable candidates at this excellent dental practice.