Mr C. Jones

Are you pleased with the result of your dental treatment?

From the beginning of the treatment I was consulted on how I wanted to plan the entire procedure. I elected to have this treatment, which had to deal with specific problems relating to my existing teeth and jaw, over a period of about nine to ten months as this seemed the best option following initial assessment. Each stage of the treatment was then carried out carefully and with respect to my wishes. At each stage of the treatment the Practice was conscious of my needs both to eat, as normally as possible, and also to have a cosmetic appearance with which I was satisfied. With the exception of about a week, following the surgery to position the implants, I was happy with the creation of a temporary denture which allowed me to eat fairly normal foods and to improve my appearance. The final implant that I have now feels very secure and has a very natural appearance. 


Has it improved your quality of life? And if so how?

Prior to the implant I was very cautious of eating certain foods as they had caused some of my teeth to break and others to loosen. They also did not have a great cosmetic look and restricted smiling to a minimum. Following the implant, I now feel that I have good quality teeth with which I can eat a whole range of food with confidence and feel happier to smile more frequently.


Do you feel more confident after your treatment?

From a cosmetic point of view, the look of the implants appears very natural, and I was given a choice about how the final appearance could be modified so that it more naturally matched with my existing teeth. I feel that has been successful.


How has the team at Beeston Dental Practice looked after you during your treatment with us?

From the initial consultation all the way through to post implant check-up, I have been very pleased with all of the staff at the Practice.  Receptionists were very courteous and offered me flexibility in appointments if problems existed. All other practitioners, including Hygienist, X-ray personnel and Dental Nurses where extremely professional and competent at all times and always answered questions honestly and made the procedures less traumatic. They were also very respectful of my wishes and were able to have appointments when it was convenient to me.


Did you feel your treatment options were fully explained to you? And were you given time to decide what was right for you?

The initial consultation with Chris Navarro was very detailed and thorough, during which all of the treatment options and procedures were explained. Chris was able to draw up a plan of action, with my input, taking into consideration any wishes that I had and explained that the treatment could proceed at my pace and continue as long as I was happy with stage outcomes. I felt I had plenty of time to understand the information and agree with the plan.  As well as verbal communications with Chris I was also able to keep in contact with the Practice through e-mails which also provided written details of the plan that was agreed. I always felt in partnership with Chris and never felt pressurised at any time to make a decision with which I was not happy. Chris always acted in a very professional manner but also managed to be very personal in his concern about the process and final outcome of the treatment. This made me feel very comfortable throughout all of the proceedings. Chris’s technical skills throughout were excellent and he was constantly aware of dealing with any pain that arose during any of the procedures. During each procedure Chris would inform me of what he was doing so that I was aware of how the procedure was progressing. Following the procedure he spent time ensuring that I was fully aware of what had happened and always asked if I had any questions.


Would you recommend Beeston Dental Practice to your friends and family?

From my existing dental condition, to the outcome I now have, I have been very satisfied with both the technical and personal treatment which I have received.  I can recommend the Practice for its level of expertise dealing with my case.

Mr S. Charlton

I have had extensive dental work with implants and veneers and I am delighted with the results .  Although it was a lengthy process Chris ensured that the timing was perfect to ensure it was completed in time for my wedding day in June this year .  The care and attention I received throughout this process has been exemplary and the final results are fantastic, leaving me with the confidence to smile for my wedding photos  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the practice to new customers. Thanks chris. 

Mr D. Lorimer

I totally agree with all of the other satisfied patients, from the outset Chris was clear with his explanation of the options available to me and I felt confident that I had made the right choice in going for implants rather than a bridge or a denture.  Having had a temporary denture for part of the whole procedure confirmed what an inferior option that would have been.

In the early stages of the treatment I started to get interested in the different things which were going on in my mouth so, instead of worrying, I found that I was becoming fascinated by the intricacies of all that was happening.



Chris has a great team and they all did their bit to put me at my ease during the longer sessions.  I was also pleased with the two short visits I made to the dental technicians 'Stephen Green' as that allowed me to request slight tweaks to the preliminary bridge which were carried through perfectly in the final 'work of art'.



It was a real thrill to see the 'before and after' photos when the work was completed.  After years of being a reluctant smiler I am now having to get used to presenting a happier face to the world.  

How my implant retained dentures changed my life.

Mr P.M.

I have been a patient at Beeston Dental Practice for many years now. I recently decided to have upper and lower implant-retained dentures, which has improved my quality of life significantly. I am really impressed by the excellent care that I have received.

Previous to my implant retained denture I wore a full upper and lower set of dentures that I really struggled with. I felt uncomfortable during social gatherings, constantly worrying about my dentures and whether they would stay in place. I also found it difficult to eat some of my favourite foods and was very limited in my food choice.

I have definitely benefited from my new dentures and am very happy that I opted for this treatment, as always Chris was very supportive and informative through this journey. I had plenty of time to think about the treatment. I was made to feel comfortable during all my appointments, the team is incredibly nice and it puts me at ease being in such a relaxed environment.

After receiving my new set of dentures, I have experienced greater confidence and satisfaction. The new dentures have made an unbelievable change to my life and I am very happy with the results. I can now order a steak for dinner without having to struggle or worry about chewing it. I would like to thank Chris and his team for providing me with a new more confident smile.

Mrs B. H.

Myself and my family have been patients of Chris for many years now and have always received excellent care and treatment.

I recently decided to have CEREC veneers across my upper front teeth, this was a huge decision for me as i have had a great fear of the dentist from a very early age, but had built up a great trust in Chris over the years.

Chris explained the whole process to me in great detail with no pressure at anytime and gave me plenty of time to make my decision.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment and the results were outstanding! far exceeding my expectations.

The veneers were done in one visit by Chris who constantly put me at ease and made me feel relaxed at all times, the treatment took a few hours but i felt no pain at all, with unbelievable results which has given me so much more confidence to smile.

Chris is an outstanding dentist and deserves recognition for the amazing work he does, i would highly recommend this practice for any dental treatment, all the staff are friendly, polite and professional at all times.

Mr J Holloway

I would just like to record my sincere thanks to the sedation team for their high standard of professionalism and patient care. The effort they took to put me at ease, involving and informing me at every stage prior to the procedure was exemplary and deserves recognition. Special thanks also to Joanne and Amy at reception for looking after my wife whilst I was in treatment, providing drinks and informing her of progress.

 Beeston Dental Practice remains at the top of its game for patient support and dental professionalism. Thank you to all the team

Mrs M. L.

'My sincere thanks for the excellent work that you have done on my implants over the last few months.

They exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased with the outcome, and also many thanks for always making me feel at ease whilst having the treatment.'

Mrs B Parker

To anyone wavering about having an implant I can only say " Go for it!"  as the difference mine has made to my everyday life has been far reaching.

The treatment and care I received from Chris and his team during the process has been excellent and I felt very well informed, prepared and personally looked after at all times.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both having an implant and the quality of care at Beeston Dental to anyone.

Mr N. C.

My Dental Implants

I had a crown for many years on an upper left premolar. It began to be troublesome causing pain and discomfort and although the crown was replaced it did not resolve the problem. The only option was to have an extraction. Many years before I had lost the equivalent upper right premolar and so now I had a gap showing on either side. I had to decide on a partial denture or implants.
I did not like the idea of a denture with the associated eating problems yet I was apprehensive about the process of implants, particularly at my age, mid seventies. Chris Navarro at the Beeston Dental Practice was very reassuring and explained in great detail all the stages of the implant procedure. I had literature to take away and Chris gave me time to fully make a decision. 

The first criteria was to assess the quality and amount of the jaw bone. I had a Jaw Scan type X-ray and this confirmed my suitability. Several weeks later I had the dental implant placement for both teeth. I was fully prepared for the operation and Chris and his team were excellent. I was relaxed, the procedure was pain free and this stage was completed in less than two hours. As a precaution I was prescribed antibiotics, advised to take pain killers for a couple of days and to follow a soft diet until the stitches were removed two weeks later. I had no problems whatsoever but it was comforting to know I could contact Chris at any time by mobile if I had any concerns.

Three months later the abutments were checked and Chris took great care in matching the colour of my other teeth. On my final visit the new teeth were attached and they were perfect. It is impossible to identify the implants from my other teeth! Although the process was over three or four months and involved several appointments it was without doubt the best decision I have made and I would thoroughly recommend implants for suitable candidates. 




5 star review of Beeston Dental Practice.

I have been a patient at the Beeston Dental Practice for several years. I have always found the reception staff to be friendly, polite and efficient. The dentists, hygienists and nurses make a very professional team. All procedures are carefully explained and the treatment is always first class. 

I recently had to make a choice between a partial denture and implants. Time was given to discuss the options and I chose to take the implant route. I was apprehensive because of age, mid seventies, but was reassured it was not a problem. A necessary scan for bone depth proved I was a suitable patient so I agreed to proceed. Each stage of the process was free of pain and I was surprisingly relaxed during the initial surgery thanks to the reassurance of the team and the choice of music! Further stages went exactly as planned.........a great result from a brilliant dentist. Without doubt I would highly recommend this treatment for suitable candidates at this excellent dental practice.

Mrs A. B.

‘My decision to have an implant wasn’t difficult at all, I definitely did not like having a denture, fortunately this was only a temporary measure. Chris and his team are both professional and caring. The written and verbal information I was given was thorough and I was given time to consider all of the options. I would definitely recommend having an implant especially at Beeston Dental’

Mrs Jane Lovell

"I must say that I am very pleased with my implants. It took me a long time to make up my mind about having the procedure done. The cost being the main thing, but the treatment was good no pain. Chris took me all the way through the treatment.
I had a denture for a good few years, but I was always having to clean my dentures, as food was always getting under my dentures, It has been one of the best things I have done."