Sinus lifts!

Last Monday we had the pleasure of hosting Colin Campbell and his nurse Becky at the Practice. Colin is a very well respected specialist implant dentist who runs many courses through his 'Campbell Academy' teaching lots of dentists how to place implants (amongst other things!).

Colin was mentoring Chris as he did his first two sinus lift procedures** on two very understanding patients, after having undertaken Colin’s sinus lift course the week before. A massive thank you to those patients - you know who you are! For you to place your trust in Chris and the team, and help us to develop our skills is something that we will never forget.

**(a sinus lift is a procedure where a bone graft is placed into the sinus to provide enough bone for implants in the back of the top jaw)


The whole team at BDP know that Chris hero worships Colin and they regularly mock him for it - He's done virtually every course the Campbell Academy have created and they are starting to have to invent ones so that He can keep going. So it was a monumental moment for us to have Colin at the Practice, especially to show off our refurbishment, our new CBCT scanner, as well as the developments to our team and set up. 

The day was a massive success - the sinus lift procedures went well, Colin was very impressed with both the Practice and the team - so impressed he wrote a couple of blogs about us. Read them here and here.

We already have them framed on my wall!