Team Building Day

On Friday, the team at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic spent the day doing some team bonding. We spent the day doing various activities to work on our team skills and communication.

Firstly, we spent the morning at the Practice making the most of our new Meeting Room. We discussed new ideas for the Practice and how to improve our services to provide the ultimate patient care. We role played difference scenario's and gave each other feedback as a team.


In the afternoon, we all headed off for some lunch and then onto Escapologic in Nottingham to work on our problem solving and decision making skills. We were split into 3 teams and put into different challenging rooms where we had an hour to make it out alive!! Our first team managed to coordinate through the Dead Kings journal and escape with 30 seconds to spare. Unfortunately our second team were unable to escape from a haunted Toy Shop and ended up in the Cage of Shame! Our third team managed to successfully save the world and escape after a dangerous chemical explosion with only 3 seconds to spare!! It was great fun and definitely proved how well we work as a team!!

Team Photo 1.jpeg