Digital Smile Design

The team just wanted to let you know about a new treatment concept that we have been using here at Beeston Dental Practice.

The concept is called ‘digital smile design’ or DSD (click here to find out the history of DSD) and it has been gaining popularity recently to aid the treatment planning in complex cases where the aesthetics of a new smile are key.

First, photographs and impressions are taken of the patient in question before any treatment has taken place. Using this information, we are able to ‘mock up’ a photograph of the patient's new smile and show it to the them before any treatment is embarked upon. Sometimes we can even mock the new smile in the patient’s actual mouth!

See this helpful video link which explained the process very well.

This way we can be clear to our patients about what they can expect from the proposed dental treatment before they decide to actually go ahead. This has always been very difficult before digital smile design, when patients could only be shown what to expect on a waxed-up model.

With digital smile design, patients can actually see what their smile would really look like with their lips and cheeks and on their face, instead of just looking at a model on a bench.

This has proved to be an extremely valuable communication tool for us in managing what patients can expect from their treatment so that they can make a better, more informed choice about their treatment.

We used DSD for the patient below to help her get the smile she wanted to replace her missing tooth and to correct her small lateral incisor. She was very pleased – see her before and after images below.


Before DSD


After DSD

If you are interested in digital smile design then e-mail or give us a call on 0115 9254169.