Beeston Dental Practice's Promise To You

As a team we have been thinking a lot about 'Our Why' lately. Why we get up every morning and go to work. Why we choose to do what we do and why we choose to work at Beeston Dental Practice.

When we think about our ‘why’ we think about everyone who works at Beeston Dental Practice, everyone of us who gives our most valuable resource - our time to the Practice.

When we think about how much time our team spend with each other at the Practice compared with the time we spend at home with our families it certainly makes us think.

Bike Ride.png

And it makes us think we want this Practice to feel like another family – we want to create a ‘circle of safety’ for all the team so that everyone feels valued, protected, safe and free to express them selves, to feel empowered to take responsibility for delivering the best care they can provide for our patients, because at the end of the day that is where we get our satisfaction from.

We want every member of the team to feel in control, and to take ownership of their role, to feel they can make a difference to our patients, and develop themselves and the Practice. We hold each other to a higher standard than individual members of the team hold themselves, and we want to surprise ourselves with what we can do and achieve. We want every member of the team to be a vital cog in our machine. 

Fundamentally, we all want to feel happy and fulfilled, and satisfied in our work. 

The Practice will grow and we will all to grow with it.

We want to listen, to seek to understand and empathise with each other and our patients, we value the differences in each other, and differences of opinion, because that is where our most valuable growth and development will come from. We endeavour to make ‘emotional deposits’ in each other and our patients. We support each other because we never know when we might need support ourselves. 

And if our standard of care or service falls below par, which it sometimes will, we have an atmosphere of honesty and openness, and the courage to admit to our failings to our patients and each other, and put things right. Within our ‘circle of safety’ we are safe in the knowledge that as long as we have good intentions, as long as we are honest we will be supported and protected in that circle of safety - it is all part of our development and getting better as a team. 

And when there are times when we are unsure what is for the best, when there is confusion about what the best strategy is, we will ask ourselves ‘What would I do if that was my daughter or my son? How would we want them to be treated in that situation?’  The answer to that question will provide the guidance we need. 

We have a long term vision for our Practice and the team. We want to invest in and develop our skills and our environment. We want to create a referral Practice of such a standard of care and service that other Dental teams want to learn from us and attend our courses. 

Long term thinking and long term investment in our team and our environment will help us get to where we want to be, and will take precedence over short term gain.  

We are a legacy Practice with long term aims, that will continue to work and thrive for many years to come.