Why are Dental Implants so expensive?

Chris Navarro, our Principal Dentist, Practice Owner, and Implant Dentist tries to answer this common question that many of our patients quite rightly ask.


Why are implants so expensive?

You have a missing tooth or loose dentures and you would really like to get it sorted. You have heard about implants and their benefits to replace your missing teeth or to fix your loose dentures or to replace your denture with a fixed bridge, but you are worried about the financial cost.

You’ve done your research and the benefits of dental implants sound great – finally you can get your confident smile back.

But then you research the price. How much?!? Why are they so expensive?

This is a valid question and one that we all ask when we consider a purchase. Am I being ripped off? Are they cheaper elsewhere? Will the cost/benefit ratio be in my favour?

Well hopefully I can answer some of these questions for you.


First of all, what is the cost of a dental implant?

When you factor everything in, the cost of a dental implant and it’s subsequent tooth or crown at Beeston Dental Practice usually costs in the realms of £3000 but everyone is different and has different demands but this should be regarded as a ‘ball park’ figure for one dental implant and subsequent crown.

Firstly, there is the cost of the examination, consultation, photographs, dental impressions, radiographs (X-rays) and usually a CBCT scan (3D X-ray). This usually adds up to around £300.

There is also the cost of hygiene treatment to prepare the mouth for an implant as it is vital that an implant is placed into a healthy well maintained mouth. The cost of an appointment with our dental hygienist is £56 and often more than one visit is required.

The cost of the actual implant placement here at Beeston Dental Practice is £1850, and if a bone graft is required at the time of implant placement then there is an additional charge of £550.

Then the cost of placing the tooth (or crown) on a single unit implant is usually approx £750.

If multiple implant placements are required and if more than one tooth is being replaced then the cost will be increase.

All these costs and treatments can be confusing but you can be rest assured that as Beeston Dental Practice there will be no hidden costs that you were not expecting. We will be open and honest from the outset about the costs involved with your treatment and we will give you time to carefully consider your options and the costs involved before you decide on whether you want to progress with your treatment.


But why are they so expensive?

Education and training.

The most expensive part of an implant is your dentist. The training and education required for a dentist to be able to place implants safely and confidently is expensive in terms of time and money. And it requires an attitude of lifelong learning because this field of dentistry is fast evolving and it is vital your dentist stays in touch with the current knowledge and materials available.

Since I started placing implants, on average I spend £15,000 each year upon my education and training, and I don’t see this changing, in fact it will increase and so it should.

We also fund the training and education of our team.

Your technician.

Your technician is such a vital part of the process when it comes to delivering quality outcomes with dental implants – after all they make the teeth that go on your implants, and as a patient, you will be more concerned about your teeth that go on your implants rather than your implants themselves – the way they look, feel and function – and your technician is a vital part in this stage.

We have built up a fantastic relationship with our technician – Stephen Green, over the years. And I invite as many of our implant patients to visit him too. Stephen’s lab is at the forefront of the industry and his lab has won many awards for the quality of work that they produce. Obviously, Stephen’s skills and education do not come for free and his part has a major impact upon the costs involved. Stephen is not the cheapest technician around, and he shouldn’t be – because his work is consistently good, and we pay good money for his service and so we should.

The implants themselves.

The implants and their components and the instruments required to place them are a cost to be considered. There are many implant companies around and the costs involved can differ greatly. At Beeston Dental Practice we use Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants, these companies are the current market leaders in the UK, and they each have a long stable and reliable history with Straumann having been manufacturing implants since the 1970’s and Nobel Biocare, in it’s current form from 2002.

Again, these companies do not provide the cheapest implants and components but what they do provide is reliable, innovative products and services that can give patient and dentist peace of mind. The last thing I would want to tell a patient is that their implant company has gone bust and we can no longer obtain the components that fit their implant rendering it useless.

Our team and our environment

As I touched on earlier our team are a vital part to our service and it is important that we motivate, educate and train them – and when it comes to implant patients and the costs involved with providing this care it is paramount that no member of the team ‘drops the ball’ in delivering the patient journey that makes us proud and keeps our patients satisfied. The costs involved in maintaining this level of service and the environment it is provided in is a cost that also has to be factored in.


Are they cheaper elsewhere?

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘Yes!’. We are not the cheapest provider of dental implants and we do not try to be. A ‘race to the bottom’ is not what we are interested in, we are concerned with providing the very best care we can on every level. We are not cheap.


Will the cost/benefit ratio be in my favour?

At the end of the day this is something that only you, as the patient can answer. And the answer may change at different points in your life. What I can say is that replacing missing teeth with dental implants is proven to improve quality of life, and patient confidence. The ability to smile, to eat and to speak and socialise confidently with friends and family without being worried about your teeth can have a major impact upon happiness.

If you want to discuss the options and benefits for you with dental implant treatment then contact a member of our team and we can guide you through your options.