The McGill Consensus On Over Dentures.

In 2002, a panel of dental experts met to discuss lower dentures. They made a landmark statement called ‘The McGill Consensus statement on over dentures’. Click here to see more...

overdenture (1).jpg

They decided that when someone has got no lower teeth (called edentulous), then the first standard of care should be an implant retained over denture on two dental implants in the lower jaw, and not a normal denture.

Although most patients are able to adapt to an upper denture, a lower denture is a different mater - the bony ridge is smaller (there is no palate to help) and the mobile tongue moves and dislodges the lower denture too. This is why many lower denture wearers report not being able to eat some foods and suffer with under confidence as a result.

Watch the video below to see exactly what an over denture on implants is.

If two or more dental implants are placed in the lower jaw, then the lower denture can be retained onto these implants dramatically improving the retention and stability of the denture. Many significant studies reveal an improvement in the quality of life for these patients.

At Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic, we have improved many patient’s lives with these treatments so if you suffer with loose lower dentures then maybe you should consider what most dentists regard as the first standard of care for these patients - an implant retained over-denture. If you are interested in finding out for about this kind of treatment or other implant treatments then contact us on 0115 9254169 or e-mail