Meet Keith....

This is Keith Rodgers. He is one of the loveliest patients we have ever had the opportunity to treat. He brings sunshine and happiness to us every time he blesses us with his presence. He was ultra positive from the outset, and you can’t help but be buoyed along by his infectious personality. 

He felt under-confident because he had a missing front tooth and some tooth wear. There was a mismatch here - because his outward positive personality was not reflected in his smile. 
We worked through the treatment options for his missing tooth with him. An implant, a denture or a bridge for the missing tooth, and some white filling build ups to restore the tooth wear. He chose a denture and the white filling build ups. 

We worked closely with him and our preferred technician Stephen Green to get a result that would match his personality. So now Keith’s smile reflects the real him. We have all found it an honour and a pleasure working with him and the team thanks him for choosing us to help him smile.