Full Arch Prosthesis

Are you fed up of.….

Having no teeth?

Having loose dentures?

Not being able to eat or talk with confidence in social situations?

Do you want to know what your options are so that you can start your journey to a more confident you?

Do you want to be someone who smiles and socialises with confidence and who can order whatever they want in a restaurant without the fear that their teeth will let them down?

Then this is the blog for you...

Dentists call the things that replace a whole set of teeth a ‘Full Arch Prosthesis’. Full arch because it replaces the full arch of upper or lower teeth, and prosthesis because a prosthesis is an artificial body part.

Patients don’t often care what it’s called – they just want some teeth. So what are the options for replacing your teeth when you have none.


Most people know what dentures are. They are made of acrylic by taking impressions of the ‘gums’ and they rely on suction to keep them in place. This suction is not always reliable and dentures do have some movement in use. They are removable too.


Implant Retained Dentures


Dentures can be held much more securely in place by connecting them to dental implants by using ‘locators’ on the implants which press fit into the denture so that their retention and stability are much improved. Patients who make the journey from wearing normal dentures to implant retained denture often find it a life changing experience because the difference in retention and stability is profound and can be a dramatic confidence boost to them. Click here to find out more...


Implant ‘Bar-Retained’ Removable bridges


These bridges are fitted onto a permanent bar which links at the implants. The bar is permanently fitted onto the dental implants but the bridge that fits onto the bar is removable. The stability and retention of the bar is superior to that of the locator retained dentures above but the bridge is still removable. This bridge also has the advantage over the above locator retained denture in that it does not cover the whole of the palate which is more comfortable for the patient.


Fixed Implant Bridgework


Many patients do not feel complete until they have fixed in teeth i.e. teeth that are not removable. These types of bridges usually require more implants than removable options although sometimes they can be placed on top of four implants. They are a full set of teeth that are screwed in permanently into the implants and are the closest thing to natural teeth that you can get to after losing your teeth. Click here to find out more...


So if you are fed up with loose teeth or loose dentures and you want to smile and eat with confidence then please give us a call on 0115 9254169 and ask out receptionist to book you an appointment with Chris to discuss things further.

Alternatively e-mail reception@beestondentalpractice.co.uk