Chris' Year Long Implant Course

Our Principal dentist, Chris Navarro is coming to the end of his Year Long Implant course at the Campbell Academy, so we thought we would share with you his experiences and tell you more about the skills He has developed and the new treatments He can offer the patients of Beeston Dental Practice as a result. See below for Chris' account and click on the link for his video testimonial of the course.


“I decided to do The Campbell Academy’s Year long implant course having just finished the Sheffield 'one to one' implant course. The course at Sheffield was at their Dental Hospital - The Charles Clifford, and it was a great introductory course to dental implants which gave me lots of practical experience placing implants on the hospital patients there. 


I really enjoyed the Sheffield course and knew I wanted to develop my skills further and take on some more complex cases ; ones which involved aesthetic demands, bone grafting and sinus elevations. I had attended one of The Campbell Academy’s courses previously and I was blown away by the quality of the teaching there. Colin Campbell and Andy Legg (the course leaders) create such a positive and relaxed atmosphere for teaching and I have learnt so much - and not only about dental implants -  running a business, developing a team, communicating ; it has all been covered!


So I am pleased to be able to pass on all these benefits to my patients - implants in the aesthetic zone, implants that require bone grafts, and sinus floor elevations (for replacing upper molar teeth where there is not enough bone under the sinus).


Moving forward, I hope to develop a stronger connection with the Campbell academy and their mentoring scheme to further develop my skills and work towards a Diploma in Implant Dentistry - watch this space!"