We can use Dental Implants to enhance the experience of dentures. By fitting a small number of dental implants directly into your jaw, it is possible to securely fix your denture in place without needing to use denture adhesives and providing a cost effective life changing improvement from traditional removable dentures.

  • No need for denture adhesives, pastes, sticky gum or powders.
  • Implants help to maintain your facial structures by preserving the remaining bone in your jaws.
  • Minimises wrinkles around the mouth by restoring lost lip-support
  • Markedly improves your ability and confidence to chew – you can eat whatever you want and enjoy your food again.
  • Speak in comfort and confidence - no more dentures dropping down mid sentence.
  • Secure and comfortable – no more embarrassing moments caused by loose dentures!

So if you are one of many people out there who are fed up with their dentures and would like to find out how we can help improve your life why not call us now no obligation consultation.