Does the Dentist make you Anxious?

If so, we would love to help.  We are always looking for ways to make our patients feel more comfortable when they come to see their Dentist, but unfortunately sometimes fear is so ingrained it can be difficult to move forward with treatment.

This is why we have developed sedation techniques into our skill set at Beeston Dental Practice, so that we can help patients who cannot overcome their fears and anxieties.

Most dentists will try and make your visit comfortable and relaxing; with sedation your relaxation is taken to a new level. Some people find it difficult to see a dentist due to anxiety or sitting in the chair for long periods of time. With sedation all the stress and muscle tension is taken away.

So how does it work?  The sedation dentist is normally a general or cosmetic dentist as well, and after an initial consultation the sedation dentist can then assess whether sedation is best for you.

The sedation process is quite simple:

1.     You have an initial consultation

2.     During your next appointment you will feel groggy and extremely relaxed and will be able to still communicate with your dentist whether you are comfortable.

3.      You will have temporary amnesia of your treatment so no more painful memories!

The sedation dentist will normally try and finish all your treatment in one sitting to find out what the benefits of sedation are you should visit the following website:

So If you are interested in sedation to be able to accept dental treatment then please contact our reception by phone (01159254169) or e-mail ( and let us know if we can help.