Facial Aesthetics - Developing our skills!

Here at the practice, we are excited to inform you that Suchita Patel, our associate dentist, is undertaking a 3 year Masters programme in Non Surgical Facial Aesthetics.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are in its prime in today’s society, however, the regulations which surround them to maintain high standards are under much scrutiny as physicians and non-medical professionals alike are able to inject, leaving the margins of risk wide.  

The MSc (or Masters programme) will allow Suchita to undertake a high level of advanced cosmetic procedures for aesthetic and clinical uses, from toxin treatments, fillers, peels, lasers, cosmeceutical treatments, mesotherapy to name but a few, but with a deep understanding of anatomy, dermatology and associated science.   

When offered alongside aesthetic dentistry such as orthodontics or whitening, these cosmetic procedures give the patient the choice of combining the perfect smile with a beautiful frame.