Diary of a Nottingham Botox Patient

Part 1 - The Decision.

Considering botox but a little apprehensive? If only someone else could have it done first and tell you all about it - exactly what happens, what to expect, whether it hurts and whether it works!  Read on to hear about botox from a patient's perspective.


So, botox…..there must be a lot of us out there who have considered it for one reason or

another.  I certainly have, and yes, I’ve decided to go ahead.  After a good few months of

deliberating, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to go ahead with it.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t told many people.  When I first mentioned I was considering it

some time back, I was met with mixed responses from friends and family, so I’ve kept

quiet about it ever since.  Then, when on a particularly stressful day at work, a colleague

asked ‘You look really cross, are you ok or has something upset you?’ I was genuinely

mortified.  For the record, I was neither cross, nor upset - that was just my ‘I’m really

busy and I'm concentrating’ look, that until then, I hadn’t even realised was in my repertoire of ‘looks’. 

I was really upset that as a 30-something-year-old, my natural ‘I’m concentrating’ look meant I

looked angry and resulted in people feeling they had to ask if I was ok.  It played on my

mind for ages and for the first time ever, I became really conscious about how I was

aging and how people perceived my looks.  Even the fringe I had cut in to hide the frown lines

doesn’t quite do the job sufficiently well!  So, I’ve decided, this week I am taking the-plunge. 


I have to admit I’m a little anxious. But a much bigger part of me is very excited to see

what kind of a difference it will make.  I initially wasn’t going to tell my partner, just to

see if he would notice, but then I was so excited, I couldn’t help myself!  I’m not too

worried about the procedure itself.  I’m not concerned about needles generally, and I’m

not expecting it to hurt (is that a little naïve of me?).  I suppose I’m more concerned

about whether it will look too obvious – you know, that sort of ‘plastic look’ you see a lot

of celebrities sporting these days.  I don’t want my face to look fake; I just want it to look less

‘angry’.  I exercise, although not perhaps as much as I could, I eat relatively healthily,

although I don’t mind admitting I am rather partial to the occasional sweet treat and I try

to drink plenty of water, but honestly, I prefer wine. And those things make me a happier

person – I’m not sure changing them in any way would get rid of my ‘frown lines’ and

make people think I was feeling less cross with the world!   


I’ve done a lot of research and I wanted to make sure I chose somebody professional and

fully qualified and I liked Beeston Dental Practice’s ethos of ‘less is more’.  So,

tomorrow, I’m booked in at The Studio for my consultation appointment.   Botox is so

accessible these days, if it is something you have been considering, I thought it might be

helpful to share my experiences with you, from start to finish, from a patient’s



So, until tomorrow…..  


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