Art Trail at Beeston Dental Practice

Last weekend, along with lots of other venues, Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic hosted the ABC Art Trail which showcased our very own Sara Gaynor's amazing photography. It also gave us a chance to show off our brand new refurbishment!! 

PHOTO-2018-06-04-08-57-20 (3).jpg

The ABC Art Trail is part of Open Studios Nottinghamshire and leads you around the wealth of creativity in the inspirational local community of Beeston which showcased a selection of work from local artists and craftspeople. The weekend was a success and it was lovely to see so many friendly faces admiring Sara's amazing work! Although our favourite visitor has to be George, our Head Receptionists Jo's gorgeous dog!! 

PHOTO-2018-06-04-08-57-22 (2).jpg

Please click here to see more of Sara Gaynor's Fine Art Photography


As part of Open Studios Nottinghamshire, the ABC Art Trail leads you around the wealth of creativity in the inspirational local community of Beeston which showcases a selection of work from local artists and craftspeople. We feel very honored that our very own receptionist Sara Gaynor has chosen to exhibit her fantastic work at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic (we are listed as venue number 2). With 11 venues across Attenborough, Beeston & Chilwell, come for a lovely walk whilst sampling some of Beeston's creativity.

 Some of Sara Gaynor's amazing work.

Some of Sara Gaynor's amazing work.

Sara Gaynor Visual Artist and Fine Art Photographer looks forward to meeting visitors on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June, 11a.m - 6pm at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic in their new and refurbished reception, where she will be exhibiting and selling a range of cards, prints, mini prints. She will also be available to discuss her photography teaching including community workshops, collaborative work with Nottingham University Professors for Pint of Science /Creative Reactions and the Tim Andrews Art Project 'Over the Hill' which is a photographic project involving a man with Parkinson's Disease who has been photographed during the last nine years by over 420 different photographers.

 Please click  here  to see more of Sara Gaynor's Fine Art Photography

Please click here to see more of Sara Gaynor's Fine Art Photography

Refreshments will be available and visitors will also have the chance to meet Sara informally and learn more about her creative process. We look forward to this creative weekend here at the practice. Please click here for more information about the ABC Art Trail.

Back in October 2016, the team at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic were moved by the plight of a young dentist in the village of Sargur. She was working without a dental chair so was unable to provide a proper dental service to the local villages. The villages had to travel miles to the government hospital in Mysore, unfortunately the poor couldn't afford to do this so they remained in pain and untreated.

We decided to help the Bangalor Children's Charity to help to raise the funds to provide the dentist with a dental chair so she was able provide a better quality of dentistry to the community by completing a team 40k tandem bike ride around Rutland Reservoir last October.

Bike Ride.png

The team successfully completed the challenge with the majority of us having no training and even one of us had never even ridden a bike before. It was hard work and we got absolutely drenched as it rained for the majority of the day but we completed the route in just fewer than 4 and half hours (including a stop off at the pub of course) on tandem bikes. Click here to see our previous blog to have a laugh at our photos from the day.....


The team were extremely grateful to everyone who sponsored us to help us reach our target for this amazing cause. We managed to raise an amazing amount of £764.25 which has helped fund a brand new dental chair and have recently received some photos from Dr Rena putting it to use. The chair took 3 weeks to install including extra electrical work and new water tanks have been fitted to supply water to the Dental Surgery. Dr Rena has been waiting 7 years for a dental chair and is now able to carry out a full range of dental treatments and provide dental care to a wide range of people. She is also able to provide the villagers with routine and emergency dental care and Oral Health education.

The team are so happy we could help contribute to this amazing cause and are so happy to see the outcome....although some of our Dentists are slightly jealous of Dr Rena's amazing Dental Chair!!!

Sinus lifts!

Last Monday we had the pleasure of hosting Colin Campbell and his nurse Becky at the Practice. Colin is a very well respected specialist implant dentist who runs many courses through his 'Campbell Academy' teaching lots of dentists how to place implants (amongst other things!).

Colin was mentoring Chris as he did his first two sinus lift procedures** on two very understanding patients, after having undertaken Colin’s sinus lift course the week before. A massive thank you to those patients - you know who you are! For you to place your trust in Chris and the team, and help us to develop our skills is something that we will never forget.

**(a sinus lift is a procedure where a bone graft is placed into the sinus to provide enough bone for implants in the back of the top jaw)


The whole team at BDP know that Chris hero worships Colin and they regularly mock him for it - He's done virtually every course the Campbell Academy have created and they are starting to have to invent ones so that He can keep going. So it was a monumental moment for us to have Colin at the Practice, especially to show off our refurbishment, our new CBCT scanner, as well as the developments to our team and set up. 

The day was a massive success - the sinus lift procedures went well, Colin was very impressed with both the Practice and the team - so impressed he wrote a couple of blogs about us. Read them here and here.

We already have them framed on my wall!

Team Building Day

On Friday, the team at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic spent the day doing some team bonding. We spent the day doing various activities to work on our team skills and communication.

Firstly, we spent the morning at the Practice making the most of our new Meeting Room. We discussed new ideas for the Practice and how to improve our services to provide the ultimate patient care. We role played difference scenario's and gave each other feedback as a team.


In the afternoon, we all headed off for some lunch and then onto Escapologic in Nottingham to work on our problem solving and decision making skills. We were split into 3 teams and put into different challenging rooms where we had an hour to make it out alive!! Our first team managed to coordinate through the Dead Kings journal and escape with 30 seconds to spare. Unfortunately our second team were unable to escape from a haunted Toy Shop and ended up in the Cage of Shame! Our third team managed to successfully save the world and escape after a dangerous chemical explosion with only 3 seconds to spare!! It was great fun and definitely proved how well we work as a team!!

Team Photo 1.jpeg

Happy Easter

The team here at Beeston Dental Practice are very impressed with our patient Henry's Egg creation of his recent visit to our dentist Nilesh. We love the attention to detail and Henry's creativity. The resemblance to Nilesh is uncanny!!!


Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic's Easter opening hours are as follows:

Friday 30th March - Closed

Monday 2nd April - Closed

Tuesday 3rd April - Normal opening hours from 9am

In case of a dental emergency out of hours, please contact the practice on 0115 9254 169 and follow the instructions on our answering machine to direct you to the out of hours Dental services.

Happy Easter from all the team here at Beeston Dental Practice!!!

Weather Update Thursday 1st March..

We will be closing early today at 4pm to ensure all our staff and patients can get home safely in the day light. 

Thank you to all our staff and patients that battled with the snow to make it in today.

We plan to open as usual at 8.45am tomorrow but again we may have to close early and will keep you posted as the day progresses. If you do have an appointment tomorrow but cannot attend then please give a a ring on 0115 9254169 to let us know.

Happy snow day, & keep safe and warm.



Everyone's made it in this morning so we have a full compliment of staff - What a team!

So running as usual this morning, so please attend your appointments if you can. If you can't please give us a call to let us know and re-arrange.

The likelihood is we will close at 4pm so all our staff can commute home safely in the day light, but we will keep you all posted via these channels.

Have a happy snow day.


Are you anxious about visiting the dentist?

Many people are anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist. Most people can manage these anxieties themselves and it doesn’t impact their dental health but for some this just isn’t the case. Some patients are that anxious about the dentist they put off visiting us and having the treatment done that they need. Here at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic, we understand that it can be an apprehensive time and can offer you conscious sedation to get you through your dental needs. 

Our Dentist Nilesh has completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Dental Sedation which allows him to provide sedation for nervous patients.

What does sedation involve?

IV (intravenous) sedation is a method that can be used to control your level of anxiety, it will help you to relax and you will find yourself more calmer and less tense both physically and mentally. This helps make your visit to the Dentist easier to cope with and less daunting. The method of intravenous sedation involves a sedative drug which is administered intravenously usually through the back of your hand or forearm, its given through a vein allowing it to work quickly and allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation.

Although you are conscious and able to respond to everything that is asked of you, you won’t remember much from your visit to the dentist. The sedative drug used makes you very relaxed and you are able to forget about what is going on, enabling you to have the dental treatment you require. Patients normally remember little or nothing of the procedure.

So why choose sedation?

  • It is proven to be an effective method for controlling anxiety.
  • It provides you with a more relaxing, comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • It is safe and very commonly used.
  • You will be in constant communication with our team and they can provide you with a pain free experience.
  • Makes it easier to accept complex treatment.
  • Helps with patients who have a strong GAG reflex.

Is sedation safe?

Yes, a fully trained and experienced team provides sedation. The method is proven to be reliable and safe, our team will be able to answer any questions you have in relation to IV sedation.


One of our recent sedation patients Elizabeth had this to say about her experience...

The treatment all went really well and I have no bad memories about it. Having been too scared to visit the dentist for 10 years I would have no concerns about future visits or treatment knowing I'm in good hands!


Make an appointment with one of our our experienced team who will be more than happy to discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have. We have a consultation room in a non-clinical environment so please don’t be afraid to come along to see us as we will give you plenty of time to ask questions and will talk you through the process step by step.

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Considering Dental Implants Abroad?

Considering dental implants? There are a number of different things to consider when having dental implants and one of the main decisions to make is which practice to choose. Should you choose a local dental practice or consider going abroad where the treatment might be cheaper?

Sometimes a more attractive price is enough to tempt some people to travel abroad, however there are potential risks associated with having implants place abroad especially with communication and aftercare.


You may incur communication difficulties abroad with the dental team which may not just be related to the language difference as there can often be cultural differences too. You may not receive or understand all the information required and may not receive the reassurance you would expect from a dentist and their dental team.

Trust and Confidence

Implant surgery is surgical procedure and the decision of who carries out your treatment should not be taken lightly. There can be a number of complications that can sometimes but rarely occur during the procedure, but having that trust and rapport with your dentist and there team can be a very important factor. If you are unfortunate that a complication with your treatment does occur, it’s important that you trust that your dentist will identify this to you and rectify if possible. The standard of care abroad and the relationship between you and your dental team may differ from your expectations.


If you choose to have your dental implant placed at a local surgery rather than travelling abroad, you will only be paying for the cost of the implant treatment. When having a dental implant placed abroad, you will have to consider additional costs such as accommodation, travel costs, insurance and transport.


Having a dental implant is not just a single appointment process as there is a lot of planning from the dental team that goes into placing an implant and involves a number of different dental appointments that you will need to attend to ensure your case is precisely planned and tailored to you. After your procedure, it’s very important not to forget about your implant. Regular dental check up’s and hygiene appointments are extremely important to help maintain the health of your implant and reduce the risks of experiencing any complications. It’s far more convenient to do this if you have used a local dental practice, especially if you need to be seen urgently.

Complications and Follow Up care

Occasionally complications can occur such as your bone not taking to your implant leaving the implant loose in the socket. This however can only be identified a few months after your initial surgery. When patients seek follow up care in the UK after having an implant placed abroad, it can sometimes be very difficult for your local dentist here to treat the implant if they don’t have the full documentation about the procedure carried out. There are currently approximately 50 different systems that can be used to place dental implants that required different instruments and materials, which your local dental practice may not stock.

Did you know?

We are aware that dental implants can be expensive; however here at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic we offer a cost effective 0% interest free finance package, so we can ensure you will be left instantly smiling with confidence and help to eliminate the complications of having dental implants place abroad.

Cost of a ‘Single Unit Dental Implant’: £2800

10% Deposit of: £280

11 Monthly Direct Debit Instalments from: £229


Sensitive Teeth?

Most of us will, at some point or another, experience sensitivity in our teeth. Quite often this is temporary and is usually temperature related, but it can also be both persistent and uncomfortable. It may also indicate an underlying problem with your teeth or gums. However, having a conversation with your dentist is the first step in finding relief from your discomfort.

Why do I have sensitive teeth?

There are a number of different factors that can potentially cause your teeth to become sensitive. These can include the following:

Enamel Erosion – When the hard enamel surface of our teeth becomes worn or damaged, the softer dentin layer underneath is exposed. Our dentin is made up of microscopic tubules filled with tiny nerve endings, therefore any temperature extremes are more likely to be felt via the nerves in our teeth. Worn and damaged enamel can be caused by too many acidic foods, poor oral health or even teeth grinding.

Gum Recession – As we get older, many of us will find that our gums start to recede, leaving your root surfaces exposed which have no enamel. This is likely to cause an increase in sensitivity. Brushing incorrectly and with force can also cause your gums to recede which can also lead to sensitivity.

Gum Disease - A build-up of plaque or tartar can cause your gums to recede down around the tooth and even destroy the bony support of the tooth leading to sensitivity. Pockets can form you’re the gums around your teeth, making the area difficult to keep clean and the problem worse.

Tooth Decay – Tooth decay can cause toothache on its own as it exposes the dentin of your tooth, however sensitivity can be a known symptom.

Broken or Chipped teeth – Any damage to the teeth will expose the dentin and make the teeth more sensitive.

Temporary after effects of dental treatment – After any type of dental treatment, it’s common to experience some increase in sensitivity following any dental procedures, but this is typically not a cause for concern and usually passes within a few days.


Providing that their teeth and gums remain healthy, most people avoid the discomfort of sensitive teeth.

  • You may find that hot, cold, sweet or acidic drinks, or foods like ice cream, can bring on sensitivity, so you may want to avoid these.
  • If you have sensitivity when brushing your teeth with cold water from the tap, you may need to use warm water instead. It is important to keep brushing your teeth regularly - if you don't, this could make the problem worse.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes and cleaning in between your teeth using floss or interdental brushes on a daily basis.
  • If your concerned that you may be brushing your teeth too hard, consider switching to an electric toothbrush as particular brands have pressure sensors on to prevent you from applying too much pressure.
  • Change your toothbrush every three months or sooner if it becomes worn.
  • You should use fluoride toothpaste twice a day to brush your teeth and there are many different brands on the market that can help to ease the discomfort of sensitivity. You can also rub sensitive toothpaste onto the sensitive areas before you go to sleep at night. However, these toothpastes can take anything from a few days to several weeks to take effect.
  • Regular routine visits to your dentist will help to keep your oral health in optimum condition and any problems that may cause sensitive teeth can be detected and treated.


If your sensitivity is caused by an underlying dental problem, you may require a course of treatment.

  • Your dentist may treat the affected teeth with special ‘de-sensitising' products to help relieve the symptoms. Fluoride gels or varnishes can be applied to sensitive teeth. These can be painted onto the teeth at regular appointments one or two weeks apart, to build up some protection.
  • If this still does not help, your dental team may seal or fill around the neck of the tooth, where the tooth and gum meet, to cover exposed dentin.
  • To help treat and prevent gum disease, our dental hygienists can clean your teeth professionally, removing any hardened plaque and helping to restore good oral health.
  • Where the teeth are chipped or cracked, it may be possible to repair with small fillings or crowns.
  • In very serious cases it may be necessary to root-fill the tooth.

Dental and Oral Health Awards 2017

The team here at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic can proudly announce that we have recently won an award for our contributions to promoting Oral Health. We are proud to promote oral health care advice and continue to invest in our team, services and environment. We have specifically trained dental nurses who can also offer complimentary appointments as preventative care is very important to us all.

Article placed in GHP Magazine:

Oral hygiene has been a crucial part to our lives over recent years, with companies inventing and creating innovative, and healthier ways, to protect our gums and teeth. GHP Magazine has created the Oral Health Awards 2017 to recognise and acknowledge those companies who support the welfare and wellness of our gums, and those who are truly dedicated to providing the best service for their clients and customers.

The aim of the Oral Health Awards 2017 was to showcase the achievements of companies associated with this important sector, from the leading dental practices to those companies offering innovative technologies and solutions to make sure they stay ahead of the game. All companies associated with this market will be considered, the only criteria is that they are committed to providing the very highest standards of care to patients and clients they support.

Winners can rest assured that their success is truly deserved, as we have employed a thorough research process to make absolutely certain that only the best receive one of our prestigious accolades. 


Christmas Opening Hours

Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic's Christmas Opening Hours:

Monday 25th December: Closed
Tuesday 26th December: Closed

Wednesday 27th December: 9:00-17:00
Thursday 28th December: 9:00-17:00
Friday 29th December: 9:00-17:00

Monday 1st January: Closed
Tuesday 2nd January: Open normal hours


In case of a dental emergency out of hours, please contact the practice on 0115 9254 169 and follow the instructions on our answering machine to direct you to the out of hours Dental services.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic!!!

The McGill Consensus On Over Dentures.

In 2002, a panel of dental experts met to discuss lower dentures. They made a landmark statement called ‘The McGill Consensus statement on over dentures’. Click here to see more...

overdenture (1).jpg

They decided that when someone has got no lower teeth (called edentulous), then the first standard of care should be an implant retained over denture on two dental implants in the lower jaw, and not a normal denture.

Although most patients are able to adapt to an upper denture, a lower denture is a different mater - the bony ridge is smaller (there is no palate to help) and the mobile tongue moves and dislodges the lower denture too. This is why many lower denture wearers report not being able to eat some foods and suffer with under confidence as a result.

Watch the video below to see exactly what an over denture on implants is.

If two or more dental implants are placed in the lower jaw, then the lower denture can be retained onto these implants dramatically improving the retention and stability of the denture. Many significant studies reveal an improvement in the quality of life for these patients.

At Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic, we have improved many patient’s lives with these treatments so if you suffer with loose lower dentures then maybe you should consider what most dentists regard as the first standard of care for these patients - an implant retained over-denture. If you are interested in finding out for about this kind of treatment or other implant treatments then contact us on 0115 9254169 or e-mail

BDP Refurbishment

As some of you may of noticed, Beeston Dental Practice and Implant Clinic is currently undergoing some refurbishment work. We have completed phase one of our building works which introduced a new room to holding training sessions for staff and a non clinical area to discuss cases and questions with patients.

We are now moving on to renovating our reception area and are very excited about this phase of work. We plan to create a larger space with more natural light and more room for seating. We also plan to extend our porch to incorporate a disabled toilet. Have a look at our blueprint plans below...

Reception Plan.png

We are working very closely with the builders to avoid any disruption to the practice however we apologise for any conveniences caused.

During this period, we ask our patients to follow the signs and to access the building from slightly further down Devonshire Avenue through our side door. This will direct you to our temporary reception area. However our disabled access hasnt changed and is still accessable throuhgout the bulding work.

Meet Keith....

This is Keith Rodgers. He is one of the loveliest patients we have ever had the opportunity to treat. He brings sunshine and happiness to us every time he blesses us with his presence. He was ultra positive from the outset, and you can’t help but be buoyed along by his infectious personality. 

He felt under-confident because he had a missing front tooth and some tooth wear. There was a mismatch here - because his outward positive personality was not reflected in his smile. 
We worked through the treatment options for his missing tooth with him. An implant, a denture or a bridge for the missing tooth, and some white filling build ups to restore the tooth wear. He chose a denture and the white filling build ups. 

We worked closely with him and our preferred technician Stephen Green to get a result that would match his personality. So now Keith’s smile reflects the real him. We have all found it an honour and a pleasure working with him and the team thanks him for choosing us to help him smile.