Nervous about having dental treatment? Then perhaps IV sedation is for you.

If the thought of having dental treatment is too much then you can consider IV sedation. It is an excellent method of treatment for those patients who have experienced: dental anxiety, difficulty getting numb or people who need extensive dental treatments.

IV sedation is a tightly controlled process which allows the clinician to administer and balance your sedation at any given moment.

Frequently asked questions:

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation involves the injection of a sedative drug into the blood system. It helps to relax very nervous patients to allow dental treatment to be carried out.

How does it work?

During IV sedation, the patient is administered medication intravenously (an injection). This medication (similar to a sleeping pill) induces a drowsy and relaxed feeling, enabling the patient to remain completely calm and sedated throughout their treatment.

Is it safe?

Yes, sedation is a much safer alternative to a General Anaesthetic. General Anaesthetics are no longer offered for routine dental treatment.

Will I go to sleep?

Although you are not completely unconscious, few patients have any memory of their treatment and are sleepy throughout the sedation session.

  Meet our Sedation Dentist  -  Nilesh

Meet our Sedation Dentist -  Nilesh