Beeston Dental Kids Club

It's never too early to get children used to visiting the dentist and our Kids Club is here to help make the entire process of dental awareness fun and interesting for our young ones.

If your children are under 7 years of age then the Kids club is for them.

It's free to join and all members will receive:

  • Membership Pack
  • Free Dental items
  • Flossy Sticker
  • Unique Flossy (the bunny) Colouring Sheets
  • A 'Star Chart' to help remind children to brush twice a day

If you'd like to come along to one of our special club sessions, where our friendly and highly qualified staff will host a fun session of learning and practice.  Please contact us to register your interest and we will be in touch with Club session dates.


Follow these simple steps to ensure good dental health from the first milk tooth...

  • Brush teeth with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, two times a day.
  • After brushing, just spit out the toothpaste, don’t rinse it away. The fluoride left around the teeth helps to prevent decay.
  • We all like a treat, but if these treats are in the form sugary foods or fizzy drinks then it is better for your teeth if you eat or drink these things at meal times instead of snacking on them, as this will increase the number of 'sugar attacks' on your teeth.
  • Encourage children to drink water, not squash or fizzy pop.
  • Although fruit juice and fruit smoothies contain vitamins and minerals, they also contain sugar and are very acidic and therefore, unfortunately, are bad for your teeth! Again they are best consumed at mealtimes and through a straw.
  • Visit your dentist regularly - even prior to milk teeth breakout, take your young children with you when you visit, get them used to the dentist as soon as possible.

Kids Club in the Local Community

We love to spread the word within our local community, meeting the children and having some fun! We've taken our Kids Club to some local community events, local schools and nursery schools.

If you'd like our friendly Kids Club team to visit your school or nursery, please get in touch!


Feedback from two local nurseries...

"When Beeston Dental Practice came to Stepping Stones Day Nursery in Nottingham they carried out an interesting range of activities for our Pre-school children.

All the children really benefitted from the visit and everyone was given a chart and sticker pack to take home and share with the family.

We were very impressed with professionalism of  the staff from the practice and the children really enjoyed and gained a lot from the visit. We would be happy to have them again as our children change every year as they progress to Junior Schools in the city."

Gary R Holmes. Managing Director - Stepping Stones Day Nursery. Nottingham


"Our children found the visit from Beeston dental practice both interesting and exciting! The staff were friendly and patient with the children and shared good tooth hygiene in a fun age appropriate way. The parents felt this experience was a fantastic idea and welcomed the packs the dental practice left for the children. I am very excited to take the children on a visit to the dental practice in the near future."

Kelly Morris. Nursery Manager - Alphabet House Day Nursery. Beeston Nottingham