Our Patient Charter

As a practice we are always striving to improve our services. To help us manage this we have seven simple principles we like to follow, We call it our Patient Charter;

•    Improving every day – We learn from past experiences (good or bad), reflect on them and working to improve on a daily basis.

•    Listening and acting on what we hear - Taking staff members and patients concerns and ideas seriously and acting on them to improve our service.

•    Striving to help- Always on hand to make patients experiences better.

•    Sharing knowledge and experience – By helping each other improve and understanding others experiences, we improve our organisation as a whole.

•    Investing in modern equipment and technology- As a practice we are devoted to making sure we have up to date equipment such as digital X-rays, CEREC one day crowns, Nobel Biocare Implant systems, Facial aesthetic treatments and six month smile orthodontic equipment.

•    Investing in learning and development – Spending time on personal development. Our nurses are trained or training in radiography and oral health education, Our dentists are constantly developing their skills so they can provide up to date treatments such as Dental Implants, CEREC crowns and teeth straightening techniques.

•    Treating patients as we would want our family to be treated -  This is the principle we find most valuable, and we apply it in all aspects of our patient care. We treat our patient’s with the same respect and dignity that we give to our families.