Stand Up To Cancer.

Cancer Reasearch and Channel 4 have joined forces to accelerate cancer research.  Today, Friday 19th October 2012, sees the first UK Stand Up To Cancer campaign


There are lots of things you can do to get involved with the campaign and you can give your support further by watching channel 4 at 7.30pm tonight.  You can see more about Stand Up To Cancer here.


Mouth Cancer.

When you come to see your dentist for a check up we automatically check your mouth for signs of mouth cancer.  Over 6000 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK this year.


Without early detection half will die.

Mouth Cancer is the 15th most common cancer and its incidence is rising.  Early detection really is important.  If diagnosed early a full recovery is often possible.  But if ignored and diagnosed at an advanced stage, when the cancer has spread out of the mouth and into surrounding tissue, the outlook reduces significantly - only 1 in 5 people will live for at least five years after their diagnosis.


The biggest risk factors in the UK are:

Smoking - According to the World Health Organisation, up to half of current smokers will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease, including mouth cancer. 

Alcohol – Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of mouth cancer by 4 times. Those who smoke and drink excessively are 30 times more likely to develop this type of cancer.

Poor Diet – An unhealthy diet is thought to be linked to approximately 33% of cases.  We’re advised to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, eat a high fibre diet and omega 3 rich diet for very good reasons.


Mouth Cancer Action Month will take place in November. 

If you haven’t had a dental check up recently, book one now. Get your mouth checked by your dentist and Stand Up To Cancer.